What it’s about.

One of the most common questions I get when people hear that I’m an endurance runner is, “Do you listen to music?” For many people running is all pain. The more distractions the better.

Running isn’t an escape for me, it’s full engagement. It’s one of the few times that I feel like I can actually think. Perhaps its the feeling of partnership with my body. My mind and muscles work together. I’m not distracted by any responsibility other than keeping one foot following the next.

It’s still hard to describe why I do it, though. There is a question that non-runners seem to find endlessly hilarious to ask is: “So…you run for fun?”

Yes, I do.

Training for a 51.9 mile race that would take me from Carbon Creek on Mount Rainier to Ruston Way in Tacoma, I started to think of ways I could combine my solitary passion for running with my compassion for people, especially youth who are homeless.

That was thought was the seed of #NotAboutRunning.

It is a way for me to invite you to share my passion and compassion. My prayer is that it will goes beyond me. That “me” will become “we” – an ever-growing number of people bringing their passion and compassion together – running to change the world.